Gender Equity

To advocate and promoting the need of gender equality in every society and this has produced the right of girls and that of of the women in promoting societal balances in several departments of life.

Child Right

Advocating for right of a child and working closely with the parents to educate them the negative effect of child malnutrition and that of negligent of child education working closely with police community to protect this right

Health & Education

To educate the society about HIV/AIDS and other emerging diseases as well as addressing stigmatization.

Environment Issues

Advocating and creating awareness on the protection of our natural environment and getting the youth involved into all climate issues and the alternative energy access.

Underprivileged persons

Working closely with our partners to put the priorities of the needy persons especially the children who are not getting access to education and that of aged persons.

Who We Are

The organization was formed in 2005 with brilliant ideas of getting The Youth and The young people together as to really be the engine room of the society whilist they are useful to themselves and contributing the social changes and development to the society at large. At Kejibaus Youth Development Initiative, our work include but are not limited to environmental, social, advocacy and human rights work.

We work with our partners to:
-Help eradicate Africa of preventable diseases and zero hunger
-Promote gender equality, addressing socio-economic and health concerns of the people in rural areas and other poor communities
-Look after the ageing population, improving the welfare of the disadvantaged and nurturing the youth.
-Build sustainable practices to help the environment and awareness on climate change
-Educate people about the effects of HIV/AIDS, emerging and tropical diseases, and other global health issues. And we operating across the states in Nigeria.

Since 2012, we have gained the support of people all across the world and in particular, the United Nations.
Kejibaus Youth Development Initiative was granted Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations in 2012. After being nominated as an observer organization to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) 2013 , our vision continues to be fulfilled.



Recent Causes

First Organization to sanitized people on coronavirus in ondo state
First Organization to sanitized people on corona virus in ondo state
Delegate At Cop25 | Project on an International Tour That Touches The Heart Of All
Educating the student wing of the organization abouth the effects of decertification and climate change
Educating part of our student wing on the effects of decertification and climate change

Our Team

Nigeria Representatives

Representatives In France USA & The Kingdom Of Eswatini


  • United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, UNFCCC – 2013
  • World Bank Civil Society – 2012
  • IFY Climate Change Foundation Canada – 2019
  • United Nations Convection to Combat Desertification, UNCCD – 2017
  • The Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization, GEIDCO – 2018
  • Canadian International Global Partner – 2017
  • Africa Development Bank CSO – 2015
  • The Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction 2015
  • Federal Ministry of Environment, Nigeria – 2017
  • Diamond Youth Team 2017
  • Tinws Medical Diagnostics and Research Laboratories, EbeLab – 2020
  • Heorg International – 2019

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No. 15 Alakure Street, Akure. Ondo State. Nigeria.,,
Phone: (+234) 809 439 6178, 705 142 3895
We have our offices throughout the 36 States in Nigeria.

Kejibaus Youth Development Initiative Inc.(DOS ID: 11207) 28, Vermont Street, Brooklyn New York. 11207. United States.

Kejibaus Youth Development Initiative France. 31, Rue-Jean Bouin Chatillion 92320. France.

Kejibaus Youth Development Initiative Swaziland(The Kingdom of Eswatini)
4, Maltcare building, Plot 195, Mshayasafe Matsapha.

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